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Sustainable Opportunities Ltd

A university spin-out company with the objective of researching and developing sustainable technologies, products and services. It was establihed by Lynette Warren and Mike Anstey and its first project and product was GutterGrow. The project received funding from the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) and from the Royal Society of Arts. Sustainable Opportunities Ltd was the winner of Luton's Best Award 2011 for Innovator/ Innovation of the Year.


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Virtual Workgoups Ltd

Virtual Workgroups is a company specialising in research and development of technology based products and services. Virtual Workgroups works with other companies and individuals to establish a virtual workgroup or venture company to complete a project. It has a successful track record of funding and completing projects and establishing and licensing intellectual property. It has carried a range of technology related consultancy assignments for major companies including Racal, Dowty and Hughes Microelectronics

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Power Back Up Unit (Smartsocket)


Intelligent Camera(Intellicam)


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